Florida Orthopaedic Center offers a range of non-invasive, minimally invasive, and more extensive surgical procedures to treat musculoskeletal injuries. We use the latest technologies and keep up-to-date with the newest innovations in medical science in order to approach treatment in the least invasive way possible in order to reduce downtime and promote the body’s natural healing process.

Common Procedures We Perform

Minimally invasive and open discectomy with and without fusion

An open lumbar discectomy is a type of surgery performed to fix a disc in the lower back (typically a herniated disc), whereas a minimally invasive discectomy uses small incisions in order to reduce recovery time. Depending on the individual case, Dr. Greenberg may fuse the two discs in order to prevent them moving about and causing pain.

Facet block, ablation, fusion

Small joints between the spinal vertebrae known as facet joints allow you to run, walk, move, and have a full range of motion. Damaged and inflamed facet joints due to reasons like accident or injury, degenerative spine diseases, and arthritis can result in pain and a reduced range of motion. Dr. Greenberg offers facet blocks, ablations, and fusions for temporary and longer-term pain relief. 

Epidural and trigger point injections

Persistent muscle pain occurs when areas of muscle fail to relax and form painful knots. A trigger point injection administered to the specific area of the knot, or an epidural injected in the membrane surrounding the spinal cord may alleviate pain.

Injection in knee, shoulder, all joints

We offer cortisone injections to alleviate pain in the shoulders, knees, and any other joints that can develop and persist due to conditions such as arthritis.

Arthroscopic knee surgery

Dr. Greenberg performs arthroscopic knee surgery by making tiny incisions around the knee and inserting an arthroscope (small camera) to guide him as he corrects knee condition.

Rotator cuff decompression and repair

The rotator cuff is the “cuff” of four muscles and various tendons around your shoulder that allows your shoulder its range of motion. Rotator cuff decompression may involve taking out part of the bone in that area to alleviate pressure on the rotator cuff tendons, taking out any inflamed or swollen bursa, or widening the space where tendons pass through.

Carpal tunnel, tenosynovectomy

To treat carpal tunnel, an operation known as tenosynovectomy is performed to correct painful or restricted movement of a tendon by removing the inflamed, thickened lining tissue from around the tendons.

Surgical fracture fixation

When a bone is fractured and misaligned, surgery may be required to move the bones back into the proper position. Surgical fracture fixation may be performed to realign and stabilize the bone to allow the body to heal naturally.

Reconstructive trauma surgery

We offer post-traumatic reconstruction surgery to restore form and function after an injury, congenital deformity repair, or tumor removal.

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